Rent A Property In Cardiff

The team at The Umbrella Homes realizes the role of an efficient and effective managing agent in marketing a property to generate a handsome rental income from it in order to deliver optimum benefits for the Landlord. Learning from our own experience of being a Tenant and witnessing the dealings of Landlords with the managing agents, we understand the apprehensions of Landlords.  We value our Landlords and distinguish our dealings tailored to curb their apprehensions/concerns. We aim to deliver the best solutions to the concerns of our Landlords securing their fair interests. We guarantee to get the best deal for our Landlords and take the burden of attending to the needs of their properties off their shoulders, the whole year round.

We at The Umbrella Homes consider Landlords as part of our family and treat their properties as if they were our own. We aim to be the first port of information for all your requirements. Keeping you updated on the latest legal/safety requirements is our primary concern, as you deserve to be free from a constant vigil regarding the continuously changing mandatory legal/safety regulations. The latest updated targeted in this respect is for our valued Landlords owing properties in the Cathays Community ward of Cardiff. Under this regulation all landlords owning properties in the Cathays Community Ward of Cardiff are obligated to get an additional license for housing in multiple occupations from July 1st, 2010 till July 1st, 2015. Kindly note that the Housing in Multiple Occupations (HMO) is redefined by the Cardiff County Council recently and now HMO is considered as either three storeys or more or with five persons or more. This does not apply to houses split into flats. However, in certain cases this may apply to flats having two storeys located above commercial properties. As per the revised regulations all rented properties must also have energy performance certificates and must show proof to have met the legal safety standard. Please note that failure to attain the required license is an offence under section 72(1) and may be penalized heavily for non-compliance.

Further details on the above mentioned aspects and/or other useful legislation also are found on the Licensing page on Cardiff Council Website and may be consulted for a fuller grasp on the content. Please click on the provided link to direct you to the Cardiff Council website.

We acknowledge that every Landlord has a different approach and requirements. Hence we dwell on originality and offer customized services to cater to the requirement of individual landlords. Our aim is simple; to provide you with the various alternatives and avenues at hand so that you and your family may reap the full benefits of your property investments. We offer open and candid advice on how to maximize your rental income and allow you to choose the option that best matches your prerogative and interest. Whatever your decision, The Umbrella Homes will match your pace and march along with you to ensure that you get the best service possible. We will intrepidly endeavor to maximize your fair interest and provide you the unfaltering support all along.

We at The Umbrella Homes assure that finding new tenants every year and upkeep of your property never becomes a hassle for you again.